Monday, June 18, 2012

Foyer Table Vignette

It has been a while since I've posted last. The main reason is because I have ran into some major paint issues with the hallway and foyer. After scrapping the wallpaper, I picked some paint samples and decided on the perfect color. However, after I painted the majority of the stairwell the color looked white up against the wood trim. I have been having such a hard time picking a new color that will work and that will read grey. I have bought like 10 samples so far. So when I finally pick a color I will detail the whole debacle.

On to the foyer...

We have a super cute French boutique furniture store called White Goat. They have amazing stuff, I got our Chairs for our informal living and our bar in our dining room from there. They sent me a $50 gift card in the mail so I decided to go look around. I have been wanting a vignette for our console table in the foyer, so I while I was at the store I took items and put together my own little vignette on one of their tables to see what it looked like. This is what I came up with

I had the books but bought everything else. John and I have always wanted a bust so we are really excited about it. Although, I like it like this I plan on adding a lamp on the left and maybe adding a burlap runner to the table so it looked more filled in. I'm thinking about getting a mercury glass lamp from target.  I love the starfish and plan on changing them out with other seasonal item like leaves and Christmas balls, etc.