Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Place Cards

This year my In-laws are coming up to my parents house for a big Thanksgiving. Since we will have about 13 for dinner I thought it would be fun to have place cards for each dinner guest. I wanted the place cards to look cute but not cost too much, so I went straight to Pinterest and found lots of great ideas

I really like the cork ones but they could be used for any dinner (not just Thanksgiving) so I decided to try those another time (maybe spring?). I really liked the leaf ones, so while on one of my breaks at work I collected some leaves. Originally I was going to just use the leaves and write each person's name on each leaf in gold. This is how they turned out:

They were alright, but they were hard to read in certain lights. Then I thought about making little name tags and punching a hole in them and placing them on the stem. This worked a lot better and the best part is the whole project was free!

I can't wait to set the table with these fall place cards!

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